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Soy in the food industry

Soybean is considered to be in the group of top five most important ingredients rich in proteins and the best plant-based proteins.
Its nutritional value comes from a large percentage of proteins and oils which soybeans are rich in.
Proteins found in soybean are of exceptional quality and practically have the same nutritional value as the proteins of animal origin (meat, milk, fish, and eggs).
Chemical analysis showed that the soybeans, quite in the maximum proportion contain amino acids which are an indispensable ingredients in the diet and that means that the content of nutritive ingredients in the soybean are practically complete.
Soybean should first be considered as a food that is rich in proteins, but also as a bean with other valuable characteristics such as: good ability to bind water and fat, swelling, viscosity, vitamin and mineral high content, emulsifying properties, etc., what all increases the value and economy of other foods.
With soybeans, in the most economical way, more proteins can be added to the entire diet, which is the particular value of soybean meal, and that’s why it should be included in the diet even more.

The products of the Bankom Group for human nutrition can be used for:

– Confectionery industry

– The bakery industry

– Industrial production of pasta

– Meat processing industry

– Diet supplements and pharmaceuticals

– Production of vegetable oils and fats

– Individual and group nutrition

– Vegan and vegetarian diet

Bankom is a manufacturer of the following types of soya products:

– Soybean flours and grits

– Soybean breakage

– Textured soybean protein based on soybean flour

– Oil and oil products

Soy flour and grits can be:

– Full fat (full fat flour and grits, 42% protein, 25% oil)

– Partially defatted (low fat flour and grits, 51% protein, 8% oil)

– Defatted soy flour and grits (52% protein, 1-2% of oil)

Different types of soybean flour are obtained by applying various technological processes characterized by different degrees of thermal processing of soybeans and different degree of oil separation, also including processes of grinding and screening to obtain different granulations of the final product.

Soybean breakage, full-fat, moderately toasted (40% protein, 22% oil), is a product with a fantastic application in the bakery and confectionery industry. By its excellent organoleptic properties, it completes the appearance, taste and texture of the finest products in these industries, while also raising efficiency and economy their production.

The textured soya protein is obtained by a modern technological process of soybean flour extrusion and can be in the form of flakes, cuts and pieces. It is characterized by the high protein content and is a source of essential amino acids as well as minerals and vitamins preserved in the process of soybean processing. Deactivation of anti nutritive factors is carried out by using an appropriate thermal treatment, which ensures optimum utilization of proteins during consumption.

The product itself is characterized by high structural integrity, which remains unchanged during cooking, sterilization or grinding.

It also has a high ability to absorb water, oil and meat juices, improve food stability, inhibit the separation of fat and has antioxidant effects.

Crude degummed soybean oil used in the food industry is obtained in the process of the extraction of fat from the soybean and additional degumming process, as well as the separation of sticky materials from soybean oil. In the process of soybean oil degumming lecithin is obtained – phospholipids with emulsifying properties and wide application in the food industry. In addition to diet, soya lecithin is also used in the production of dietary products and supplements.