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Bankom Group

Bankom Ltd. is a private company founded in 1992 with headquarters in Belgrade. Thanks to its successful operating, Bankom has developed business in several branches of industry and grown into Bankom Group.

The basic activities of the Bankom Group are foreign and domestic trade, human and animal nutrition products, providing tourism and catering services and the development of software solutions.

Nowadays, in its structure, the Group owns a soybean processing factory, animal feed factory, factories for the production of premixes and raw materials for animal feed. Also, there are factories for the production of milk replacers for animal consumption, bases for ice cream and milk replacers for human consumption. Besides this, Bankom group has its own laboratories and maintenance facilities.

In the services sector, the Group owns two hotels and several tourism and catering facilities.

Vision and mission

To be successful means acquire values, for which one endeavor to stay and one succeeds in that.  If you sum up work, hands, and intellect, and a sum becomes a picture, which you will admire, the eyes of the others will look at you with respect.

If we want to know who we are and how big we are, we have to really consider our virtues and weaknesses, and when virtues stay above us, they become yours and ours.

Our greatness is in the application of new knowledge and technologies, new ideas, methods and products, choice of things and events, which make life to be fulfilled. We are broadening our views and scope of work and by it we make benefit, pleasure and human happiness. We imagine and realize new projects, which act soothingly and call for the rod forward.

How much we worked it is seen through quality, beauty, and maturity of all what we spread out far away from a small circle-we go to the world in order to get the world come to us. We build more, more unknown spaces we convert to known ones, we go further… Our year is fruitful and our house is opened for all who know to work, who want to create together with us more and more beautiful, more qualitatively and more progressively.

We safely stride along the coast or we sail by a big ship to big ports in which we are expected by open hands

A small man is worthy of respect, for if it were not for him, the big people would have neither with whom, with what nor whom to work for.

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