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Dextrose (D-Glucose or grape sugar) is a valuable source of quick energy. Dextrose is in the domestic animals feed most important monosaccharide. Other carbohydrates need to be converted to the form of glucose before they can be used in body for energetic purposes. It can be found in the vegetable juice, fruits, honey and in some vegetables. D-Glucose participates in a series of chemical reactions that provides energy. It can be found in the blood and other body fluids and is one of the most important source of energy in the body.

Dextrose-monohydrate represents purified and crystallized D-glucose containing one molecule of crystal water and must have the following characteristics:

1) the content of dextrose (D-glucose), in%, minimal (on a dry matter basis) 99,5
2) dry mater content, minimal, % 90
3) content of the sulfated ash in %, the highest (on a dry matter basis) 0,25
4) total sulfur-dioxide content, in mg/kg, maximum 15

Dextrose monohydrate can be in the form of a white powder, odorless and sweet taste, no foreign matter. It can be in the form of tablets or pieces.

Dextrose Monohydrate can be in the form of white powder, odorless and with sweet flavor. It may be in the form of board or pieces.

Usage: In the food industry and feed industry, as an energy source and for taste-correction.

Packaging: 25 kg

Shelf life: At least 2 years from the date of manufacture

Quality and health security: Procuded according to the product-documentation and authorized by local laboratories according to the Rulebook on the quality of the starch and products from starch for food insustry ("Official gazete FRY, no. 33/95 and Official Gazette. no. 56/2003 - rulebook and 4 / 2004 - rulebook). The product is delivered with certificate analysis and findings of the authorized laboratory.

Country of origine: China