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full fat soy grits


Full fat soy grits Biopro 35 is manufactured of healthy, hulled soybean, by a special hydrothermal treatment within which oil is not extracted out. Hydrothermal treatment of soybean provides a product of high nutritious and biological value with deactivated anti nutritious factors without the usage of chemical reagents by which usability of proteins is improved. Besides, natural ratio of high value proteins, soybean oil, lecithin, minerals, and vitamins soluble in fats remains uninterrupted.

Full fat soy grits biopro 35 is important for its functional properties: emulsifying, stabilizing, binding and retaining water, preventing fat burning - due to the naturally high content of tocopherol. The use of Biopro 35 increases nutritional value, improves organoleptic properties as well as the sustainability of the final product. It is made in our manufacturing company.

The addition of Biopro 35 increases the economy, due to the use of more water in the formation of the mixture, improving nutritional value, quality, color and taste.


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Chemical composition

Humidity Protein Fat Ash Fiber
3-4% 40% 23% 5% 2%

Usage: for confectionary and bakery industry