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SELDOX® is a powder antioxidant used in compound feed, raw materials and premixes.

Fatty acids that are exposed to air will form radicals. When these fatty acid radicals react to oxygen, hyper oxides are formed. These hyper oxides are primary oxidation products. These primary oxidation products could react to new radicals and could form secondary oxidation products. Secondary oxidation products (aldehydes and ketones) are responsible for the rancidity of fat in food. SELDOX® - HMQ DRY prevents the formation of oxidation by-products which are harmful to man and animal and may cause unacceptable deflections in taste.

The mineral ions in feed, especially iron and copper, are responsible for the acceleration of the process of oxidation. SELDOX® - HMQ DRY eliminates these metal ions by chelating in order to prevent their pro-oxidative effect. SELDOX® - HMQ DRY is extremely useful to incorporate at high levels in premixes for the feed production.

Advantages of SELDOX® - HMQ DRY are:

  •  Excellent mixing qualities.
  •  Maximized contact-surface between the active ingredients and the treated material.
  •  Compatibility with all ingredients in animal feeds.
  •  Contains less active ingredients compared to SELDOX® - M DRY.
  •  Price advantage compared to SELDOX® - M DRY.


  • BHA (E-320)
  • BHT (E-321)
  • Citric acid (E-330)
  • Magnesium Silicate (E 562)
  • Silica carrier (E 551a)
  • Calcium carbonate (carrier)


  1. 100 – 125 gr/mT for compound feed: Mix SELDOX® - HMQ DRY first with 2 kg of food for homogeneous distribution.
  2. 100 – 1000 gr/mT for raw materials sensitive to oxidation
  3. 1000 – 3000 gr/mT for premix  to have 100 gr/mT in the final feed.


Appearance: Brown powder insoluble in water

Shelf life:  2 years

Storaging: Keep in dry, cool place  in the original sealed packaging

Packaging: 25 kg bag, 40*25 kg on a pallet

Manufacturer:   SELKO FEED ADDITIVES,  The Netherlands