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Vitamin A 1000 is finely granulated powder, of gray to dark gray color, which contains at least 1, 000, 000I. g of vitamin A.
The Usage: In manufacturing of pre mixes and mixtures for nutrition of livestock. It could be used in manufacturing of replacements for milk skimmed in flour. Vitamin A (retinol), by its chemical composition, belongs into unsaturated alcohols. It is located in animal organism only and in products of animal origin (form of vitamin A- retinyl ester).

Vegetarian food does not contain Vitamin A, but carotin (a form of pro vitamin). Vitamin A makes epithelium of tissue and by it indirectly prevents infections (pneumonia, stone in urine system) and participates in building of bones.

Pathological appearances at decreased content of this vitamin are, first of all, night blindness, as well as, sterility of males. Miscarriage with females and withholding of placenta. Consequence of these disarrangements is disabled young animals.

Using of vitamin A and carotin depends on digestibility of nutrition and bringing in of nutritious materials, which are given in a form of preparations (i.e. its quality). Surplus of vitamin A is deposited in liver and fats. Depositing is very substantial because of points of time when there are not enough quantities of this vitamin in organism (nutrition within winter).

Storing conditions: Vitamin A is unstable and in presence of oxygen it oxidizes very quickly. It is very heat, light and moisture sensitive. It ought to be kept at temperature bellow 15 C. Packs opened have to be spent within very short period of time. The product is safe for the use, but inhalation and a direct contact are to be avoided, with usage of adequate protective measures and personal hygiene.

Shelf-life: 15 months in original unopened packs.

Manufacturer: DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd.