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Description of Product
Vitamin B12 is fine powder, reddish – gray color. It contains 9,000 –11, 000 mg/kg of vitamin B 12.
The Usage
Vitamin B12- 1% has been used in manufacturing of premixes and mixtures for nutrition of nutrition of livestock. 

Animal protein factor (APF- factor) zooferin and cow manure factor (factor of manure of cow) are factors of growth necessary for maximal growth increments of living mass, when animals are fed by meals composed of vegetarian nutrients. It was concluded that APF- factor is not a protein by itself, but later on isolated as a vitamin B12.

Lack of vitamin B12 (canokobalamin, anti anemic vitamin) leads to slowing down of growth increments, disarrangement in movement, bad appetite, and with poultry lowering of quality of eggs for setting a hen. This vitamin is synthesized under condition that there is a quantity of Cobalt needed in nutrition. However, synthesis of this vitamin is not sufficient and needs for the same have to be satisfied from nutrition, especially when intensive production is considered.

Sources of this vitamin are exclusively nutrition of animal origin, since vegetarian nutrition almost fully lacks this vitamin. With humans it appears “pernicious anemia”- very serious sickness with decreased content of erythrocytes but with normal hemoglobin (blood pigment which is at the same time an oxygen bearer and transporter in blood). In nutrition of animals by vegetarian nutrients, vitamin B 12-1% has been used as an additive, in order to ensure quantities indispensable for normal growth and development.

Storing Conditions
Vitamin B 12 is rather stable in contact with the air and moisture, but it is light sensitive (photo active). Temperature has to be bellow 25 C. Product is safe for the use. Inhalation and a direct contact ought to be avoided with the use of adequate protective measures and personal hygiene.

Packaging - 25 kg paper bags

The Term of the Usage - 2 years

Manufacturer - DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd.

SINTOFARM a.p.a, Italy