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Biokvas 45- Yeast Protein FeedComplemental characteristics of feed components and aditives (minerals, emzymes, vitamins) of which BIOKVAS 45 is made of, makes it unique animal feed very suitable for all categories of the domestic animals. Product is made of soybean flour, soya protein isolate, livestock leaven enriched by living cells of the Sacharomyices cerevisiae 1026, products based on foodgrains, and with addition of the minerals, enzymes, vitamines and antioxidants.

Soybean flour (partially fat-reduced flour, in form of the grits) is obtained by thermicall treatment of the non-genetically modified dehulled soya bean. It contain high quality herbal proteins with good ratio of the essential amino acids, containing high level of both essential (omega) fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acid). Soybean protein isolate is feed with top-quality proteins, high level of easily digestable aminoacids and hygienic safety.

Feed yeast contains very quality single cell protein which is in regard of chemical composition and quality close to animal proteins. Stock yeast is also rich in aminoacids, phosphorus, vitamin B-complex and vitamins E and D.

Dietetic characteristics of BIOKVAS 45 makes it especially suitable for feeding of the young domestic animals, and highly-productive heads immediatelly after calving, in other words, in period of stress and disordered digestion and food utilisation

Chem.composition Protein Moisture Fat Fiber Ash
BIOKVAS-45 min 45% max 8% min 5,5% max 3% max 6%

Usage: For feed production


  • High level of energy
  • High level of protein and amino acids
  • Highly digestable feed
  • Hygienic safe
  • Pleasant taste


  • Better consumation
  • Good growth
  • Cost/benefit efficiency