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Recently after many years of researches, it was manufactured metabolism component of vitamin D3, of commercial name HyD 1.25% (at DSM).

This metabolism component replaces 50% of portion of conventional vitamin D3 in a such manner that (40 IU D3=1 mcg of HyD), e.g. 3 g of HyD replaces 1,500 of IU (internal unit) of vitamin D3. Normally, if portion if a mixture e.g 4000 IU then we replace 2000 IU and by 4g of HyD. Official recommendation for dosing with poultry is from 3- 5,52g.

Metabolism of HyD is taking place at kidneys; jumping over process in bowels and liver and in such way it directly goes to blood circulation. This means that by adding of HyD (with poultry) active metabolism helps regular adoption of vitamin D3, as well as Ca and P, mineralisation of bones (hardness of legs, rachitis especially with Cobbs), malabsorption, i.e. disbalance of bowel tract, it makes better laying ability of egg laying hens (2-4 eggs per hen) decreased mortality 1-3%, decreases breaking of egg 1-2% and so on.

Manufacturer: Procuder: DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd.