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The most important precondition for correct growth, development and health condition of animals is right feeding. It should provide all necessary nutrients for animals, according to its physical condition.
Correct feeding improves health conditions of animals, increases consuming and efficiency of using of feed, stimulates certain physiological processes in body and in that way also improves the production and quality of the obtained product.
The lack of necessary vitamins and mineral in feed can cause serious health and physiological disorder, which can further lead to decrease of production output.
Now days, a contemporary production is impossible and unthinkable without adding a vitamin-mineral 'premixes' in complete and supplementary feed. Each and every vitamin and mineral is necessary for specific metabolic reaction inside cells in organism.
The amount of vitamins and minerals in feed of domestic animals depends on their need as well as the type of animal, age, level of production, feed components, soil composition, type of plants and other circumstances.
We want here to emphasis that the excessive use of some vitamins and minerals can cause negative effects at animals. Excessive dosage of certain ingredients may cause intoxication, excessive use of one ingredient can cause deficit of another.
To provide maximum production results of animals and avoid all negative effects, it is necessary that the concentration and ratio of vitamins and mineral to be ideal.
The premixes produced by Bankom, under name of BIOVIT are the products made of the highest quality raw materials, produced in one of the best equipped production factory in Serbia, where the error in measure and mixing of components is almost impossible. BIOVITS are made as one percent and different percentage premixes, of standard or non standard- enriched (VSO) quality.
Enriched premixes have increased content of vitamins and minerals, containing amino acids, acidifiers, enzymes, probiotics, and flavors. When used for pigs, these premixes contain also whey powder, dextrose and potato proteins which have extraordinary nutritional properties.