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Ronozyme A

Ronozyme A is granular amitotic enzyme preparation produced by fermentation caused by Bacillus amyioliquafacients microorganisms. Ronozyme A is of light brown color, it does not produce dust, it is granulated. It is used for improvement of digestibility of starch in food based on cereals. Ronozyne A contains mixture of alpha amylases (specifically breaks down connections in stark) and endo 1,3; 1,4 beta glucose (it specifically breaks down connections in barley stark, which is a prevailing cereal in nutrition of livestock in Europe.

Renozyme A color can vary from charge to charge and color intensity is not a quality measure of product. Density is approximately 1,0 g/ml and mean size of particle is 600 micrometers.

The Usage
The Ronozyme A is used as supplement to livestock nutrition. It is mixed into nutrition before final pelletizing, in quantity 50- 400 g/ ton of nutrition.

Storing Conditions
Ronozyme A is heat sensitive. It ought to be kept at the temperature bellow 25 C. Extended storage at the temperature above 30 C should be avoided. Ronozyme A is safe for specified purpose usage. Inhalation of powder or direct contact should be avoided by application of adequate protective measures and personal hygiene.

The Term Of Usage
Activity declared is unharmed within 12 months from a manufacturing date, when product is stored in unopened original packs; manufacturing date is designated on pack.

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