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Natural milk replacement for nutrition of pigs Ekolak P

Feeding pigs in the first 3-4 weeks represents the most complex and the hardest phase of growth. Their digestive tract and enzyme systems are under-developed, and adjusted for the milk of the mother. Because of this, the biggest problem in that period is provision of appropriate sources of nutrients. Lacking mother’s milk (poor lactation, large number of pigs, death of the mother) replacers can be used to replace mother’s milk. Replacers have to be made of the top quality sources of nutrients of animal or vegetable origin, having perfectly proper hygiene and thus contribute to the preservation of the number of piglets litter, reducing mortality and achieving desired growth rate.

The most common nutrients that are used in the production of milk replacers for pigs are milk powder, sweet whey powder, partially fat-reduced powder from peeled and thermally processed soya beans, vegetable protein isolate, dextrose, fat and oil, with addition of emulifiers, calcium and phosphorus sources, and other macro and microelements, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, organic acids, flavor and other additives.

In the world there are few manufacturers of milk replacers for piglets because their production requires highly sophisticated equipment, application of modern nutritional recommendations based on knowledge of the physiology of digestion and feed utilization. One such factory is "Bioprotein" (within the business system of the Bankom Ltd. in Belgrade).

Usage:Before using milk replacement, the first few hours after birth, piglets must receive the required amount of colostrum. Replacement for milk powder dissolved in warm water (40 0C) in the amount of 180 g of powder in 1 liter of water. The necessary amount of powder is first dissolved in 1/3 of water and after dilution is added remaining water.Milk replacement is prepared before feeding and gives from clean bowl.The two weeks old  pigs feed 6 times per day and for two weeks older feed 4 times.Daily dosage of soluble milk replacement per day  for pigs is up to 0.6 L.With sow milk replacement could be given a quality prestarter / starter. Provide fresh water for drinking.

Storage conditions: Keep in dry, cool, dark, ventilated place.

Shelf life: 90 days

Packaging: 10 and 25 kg.

It is made by the production specifications and in accordance with the Regulations on the quality and other requirements for feed, Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 4/2010
Quality Assurance: Scientific Institute for Veterinary Medicine, Belgrade