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Natural milk replacement for nutrition of pigs Ekolak and Ekolak Plus
Modern pig production has such concept, that there is "no break" during the whole fattening period. It means that pigs after weaning period proceeds to the strictly concentrated feed, which must be made in a way that ensures good nutritive, quality, healthy and hygienic characteristics. Immune system, which in weaning period enters the crisis, must be supported with high quality, easily adoptable feed (easily digestive feed with good resorption) in order to properly function. Pigs that come through that period without disease or diarea later easily enters fattening period with significantly lower mortality. For that reason, milk replacement have a very important role!

EKOLAK and EKOLAK PLUS are the natural milk replacements for nutrition of animals in growth, easily digestible and with very pleasant taste. They are made from high-quality raw materials, which are not genetically modified! Prime difference between this two products is in lactosis level: EKOLAK holds only lactosis level from whey-pounce, whereas EKOLAK PLUS containes additional lactosis.

Healthy pig, fed with pre-starter, starter and grower mixtures with natural milk replacer included, enters the intensive fattening period with completely prepared immune system. By employing additives even after that period and with use of soybean cake in domestic animals feed mixtures, we can achieve top-level nutrition. Meat from such feeded animal is of excellent quality and cost price is lower than usual. But, sole fact that we are consuming healthy meat should be enough!

Packaging: 10 and 25 kg
Storing Conditions: It is to be kept in dry, cold and dark place.
The Term of Usage: 180 days


  • High level of qualitative, easily digestible proteins
  • High level of essential amino acids
  • High level of total fats
  • Pleasant taste and aroma
  • Economical


  • Easier weaning period
  • Good weight gain
  • Lower mortality rate