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Mercantile corn

Description of product: Mercantile corn has a hard grain, light yellow color. Grain of corn is comprised of endosperm, shell and seed-bud. Corn grain at average contains: 14% of water, 69,5% of carbohydrates , around 10% of proteins, around 4,8% of oil and 1,4% mineral components. Corn is very calorific (354 Kcal/100g). High percent of oil makes corn very nutritious, but it makes it more difficult for keeping of corn flower, because it easily becomes rancid.

The usage: It is predominantly used for livestock nutrition, as well as for making flower, starch, grits, whisky, beer, eating oil. At concentrated livestock nutrition, corn participates with 80%.

Moisture: Content of moisture depends on climatic conditions in the course of the year , as well as on drying and storing conditions. According to JUS, moisture in the corn must be reduced to 14%.

Storing conditions. Moisture and temperature must be controlled at all times, in order to establish necessary handling of corn which basically leads to drying and ventilation. A good air circulation have to be ensured. Temperature in the storage must not be higher than 8% C. Storage space must be clean, with previously carried out disinfection and rat poisoning.

Transportation requirements: Basic conditions for means of transportation, regardless whether corn is transported in bulk or packed in begs or the other packs, are: they must be in good order, they must be clean and dry, that they are without external smells and strong smells in general that they are without grain remains and the other remains of the previous cargo and protected of rain and wetting in general.