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Manganese sulphate 

This is a product, which appears in a form of powder of light purple color. It contains at least 30 % of Manganese.

The Usage
It is used as an addition in live stock nutrition manufacturing. Lack of Manganese appears with poultry, pigs and zoo ruminants. Consequences of manganese deficit include deformities of bones, lagging of growth, disarrangements of reproductive functions and abnormalities of newly born animals. Lack of Manganese in the chicken in the course of growth, in meal leads to appearance of pharoses, which is characterized by larger and deformed leap joint, shortening and fattening of a long bone. Manganese is not a sole factor, which causes appearance of pharoses. Other factors, such as holin and biotin may cause similar state. Beside manganese, holin is necessary pharoses prevention with poultry.

Storing Conditions
Clean and dry storages.

25 kg

The Term of Usage
3 years

The Term of Usage
3 years.