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Magnesium oxide and Magnesium Sulfate

Magnesium oxide is a product, which appears in the form of white granules or powder, with a content of magnesium at least 50%. Beside Magnesium oxide, as an addition to live stock nutrition it is used Magnesium sulfate, which contains minimum 10% of active substance.

Magnesium is also used in live stock nutrition manufacturing and making mixtures of mineral –vitamin mixtures, as an addition, according to certain recipes through Mg Sulfate or Mg Oxide, for it, in pure form, cannot be and must not be used in live stock nutrition. Out of full quantity of Magnesium two thirds are in bones of livestock. In animal tissues magnesium is needed for activation of certain enzymes, and especially those linked to phosphate transfer. In the case of consumption of insufficient quantities of magnesium by young animals it can lead to mobilization of 60% of magnesium from bones.

Symptoms of lack of magnesium are:
1. Reduced growth increments and hyper irritability of animals with spasms and perishment.

2. Dropping of concentration of magnesium in cerebrospinal liquid and blood serum causes consequences of acute neuro muscle disturbances, such as hypersensitivity of muscles, de coordination of movements and various convulsions (muscle spasms).

3. With egg laying hens it has a consequence of abrupt decrease of number of eggs per week and Magnesium mobilization from bones. In practical conditions surplus of Mg in a meal is higher probability than appearance of deficit(at meal of poultry). In practice, it is considered, that 1% of surplus negatively influences on growth and fatness of eggshell.

Storing Conditions
Clean and dry storages.

25 kg

The Term of Usage

The Use Time Limit
3 years

Magnesium oxide- Helm AG, Hamburg, Germany
Magnesium Sulfate- Poland