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Feed yeast

Feed yeast is a by-product of alcohol and the fermentation industry. It is obtained by reproduction of yeast’s fungi on different substrates. Color is light yellow to light gray, odor is characteristic for yeast. Yeasts are “facultative anaerobic” meaning they can develop with or without oxygen.

Active dry yeast (95% dry matter) is the most commonly used product in the animal feed industry. It is rich in B vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Dried yeast is also very rich in pro tein (about 40% by weight of dry yeast is composed of proteins), and this protein is very good quality, which can be compared with the protein quality of soybean (rich in lysine).

Use: Yeast is not just a simple addition to the animal feed - it is an important modulator in digestive activities. Besides a very rich spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that contain yeast, these positive effects contribute to a better for adoption of nutrients, development of positive bacteria in digestive tract and generally better health of animals (probiotic properties)

Storage Conditions: Cold and dark storage, protected from the impact of direct sunlight.

Packaging: bags of 25 kg

Shelf life: one year

Manufacturer: Bazovyi Korm , Russia