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Cholin Chlorid (vegetable) 60%

Product Description: Holin chloride is powder strewn containing 60% of active substance.

The Usage: It has been used in manufacturing of premixes and components for live stock nutrition. Holin is indispensable for certain number of processes in an organism, for an optimal growth of young animals, especially poultry, pigs, calves, cats and dogs.

Holin chloride is the most widely used and most economical form of holin for supplementing of nutrition. It is generally classified as vitamin of B complex, more accurately as a vitamin B4. Holin influences metabolism of karoten and vitamin A with animals. It is actually, an essential component for ensuring of a correct functioning of neural system.

Holin plays a vital role in building and maintenance of a cell structure in forming of acetilholin, in conveying of impulses, in synthesis of lecithin. Due to lack of Holin Chloride, with animals appears lagging in growth and development, decrease of number and size of eggs produced, reduced hatching efficiency, accumulation of fats in liver and kidneys, degeneration of liver due to increased quantity of fat, disarrangement of behavior dystrophy of muscles, perosis, while with pigs appear: legging in growth and development, fertility decreased, fats deposits in liver increased.

Lack of Holin Chloride with calves becomes apparent bye appearing of problems with breathing, disarrangements of behavior, through losing of appetite and lagging in growth and development. Holin Chloride in nature is found in broad spectrum of nutritious materials. Relatively small percentage is found in cereals and products made of cereals. Good sources of holin are oil reach seeds, fish flower, meat flower and animal yeast.

The quantity of holin chloride, which will be absorbed from these natural sources, depends on their digestibility. Accessibility of Holin chloride in soybean flower varies between 60% and 70%. At average, concentration accessible Holin in animal nutrition is insufficient: 20-50%.

That insufficiency should be compensated by adding holin into the form of holin chloride. In the course of use of corn, it is needed higher value of holin due to its small quantities contained in that food. Holin chloride added is fully digestible.

Storing Conditions. Holin chloride is in the form of powder and makes easier handling, storing and dosing in the course of production of pre mixes. Holin chloride is very hygroscope and due to that feature it should be stored in well packed bags in normally dry and cold conditions. While using holin chloride it is necessary to provide good ventilation, due to making big dust.

Packaging: 25 kg Bags

Manufacturer: China