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Carophyll Yellow

Product description: Carophyl yellow is a powder of yellowish color, which contains at least 10% of cantaxantin, while etoxiquin and ascorbic acid are added as anti oxidants.

The Usage. It is used as a supplement in live stock nutrition. By the use of Carophyll yellow better pigmentation of  yolk and skin is achieved. It is used in quantities prescribed by national regulations.

Storing Conditions. Carophyll yellow is very sensitive in contact with air, heat, light and moisture. It is to be kept at temperature bellow 15ºС. After opening or an original pack, the content should be used up in a very short period of time. Carophyll yellow is safe for the use. However, inhalation and a direct contact with a product should be avoided, by using adequate protective measures and measures of personal hygiene. In some cases it may cause over sensitivity on etoxiquin, which leads to certain dermatological changes.

Packaging 5 kg

The Term of the Usage 3 years

Manufacturer DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd.