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Calcium Formiate

Calcium formiat is a product that appears in the form of crystal powder, of white to light yellow color. It contains at least 98% of active substance. Calcium and phosphor are usually considered together due to the fact that they are mutually linked in nutrients and organism of animals (humans).

The Usage: It has been used as an additive in manufacturing of live stock nutrition. Close up to 99% of calcium and 80% of phosphor in organism of animals is found in bones and teeth. The rest of these minerals is found in tissues and body liquids. Bones do not represent static part of minerals, but they are used for depositing of calcium and phosphor, where from they can be mobilized. Irritability of nerves and muscles is controlled by calcium and it is necessary for normal blood coagulation. When adding of calcium into meal is necessary, certain forms of calcium carbonate are normally used. In the course of adding of calcium and phosphor their mutual ratio is important, which should go between 1: 2 to 2:1 in favor of calcium (approximately ratio should be 1,5: 1).

Symptoms of lack of calcium and phosphor show themselves in appearance of various disarrangements in bones, teeth, subnormal growth and production, decreased appetite and decrease in efficiency of nutrition usability. Beside general symptoms, concrete sicknesses have come to place: rachitis–designates incomplete calcification of bones with young animals of all species.

It is characterized by disarranged development of all bones, enlargement of joints, fractures and stiffed movements. With grown up animals, this sickness is called osteomalazia and it could be caused by surplus mobilization of minerals from bones. With cows, immediately after calving milk fever can appear, state characterized by low content of calcium in blood serum, then muscle spasms and paralysis. Osteoporosis is state with which an absolute decrease of bones of skeleton appears, and a composition of the rest of bones is normal.

Increase of resorption may be a consequence of striving to maintain for maintenance of normal level of calcium in blood, despite insufficient quantities or abnormal requirements for calcium. Osteoporosis appears with humans, and especially women, as well. Sources of these elements can be: fish flower, meat flower, while grains of cereals lack calcium.

Storing Conditions: It is to be stored in dry and well ventilated premises. Bags ought to be kept well closed and every contact, which is not indispensable, is to be avoided, regardless the fact that the product is not toxic. On bags the R 36 warning: eye irritation is necessary.

The Packaging: 25 kg paper bags

The Use Term: 3 years.

Country of origine: China