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Betaine is quaternarz ammonium salt, lactone alkaloids, with active N-CH3 group and a lactone structure. Betaine acts as an organic osmolyte in cells, reducing the osmotic pressure, protecting them from osmotic stress, dehydration, high salinity or temperature. Intracellular accumulation of betaine does not interfere with the function of enzymes, protein structure or integrity of the cell membrane, allows water retention and protecting it from drying out. In addition to these functions it has the role of methyl group donor in the synthesis of proteins in the body.

Composition and characteristics: ≥ 96% betaine as a white to yellowish powder, pH neutral, hygroscopic
Action mechanism:
  • Donor of methyl groups in the synthesis of proteins and other physiological and biochemical reactions
  • Adjusts osmotic pressure and reduces stress
  • Enhances anti-coccidiosis function of coxcidiostatics
  • Improves the distribution of fat in the carcass and redistribution of energy and nutrient substances in the body
  • Attractant for aquatic animals
  • Increases immunity and resistance to disease and stress, reduces the percentage of occurrence of diarrhea
  • Attractant, increases food intake in aquatic animals, reducing feeding time, food waste and water pollution
  • Partially replace methionine
  • Stronger anti-coccidial action
  • Increases lean meat percentage, meat quality and taste
  • Increases fermentation nutrient substances for lysine, threonine, glutamate, vitamin B2 and B12

Application: For livestock, poultry and aquatic animals. Mix with a small amount of free-floating food, and then add the premix or prepared foods.

Dosage:     Swine 0.2-0.8 kg / t

Laying hens 0.2-0.5 kg / t

Broilers 0.2-0.8 kg / t

Fish from 0.8 to 2.4 kg / t

Storage conditions: Store in cool, dry, dark place in the sealed packaging

Packing: 25kg plastic film bags (3 u1)

Shelf life: 24 months (in unopened packaging)

Country of Origin: China