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Milk replacement for calves nutrition Ekolak T
In the cattle-breeding, nutrition plays a significant role in up-growth of the calves with high production characteristics. In the first week of life, it's very important that calves receive mother's milk, because of high concentration of immunoglobulin (basic defense of organism) since calves cannot yet develop their own. After this period, milk replacement can gradually enter the nutrition. It is important in calves nutrition to achieve quick growth, and also normal development of future productive and reproductive characteristics. Therefore, it's not enough to achieve only high growth and a quick increase of mass, but also and the right nutrition in the growth period of animal for the correct development of organs. That is very important, because only the rightly developed calve is healthy calve, which gives good production results.

Milk replacer EKOLAK T is made of domestic nutrients of well known origin and certified quality (products based on milk, full fat thermically processed flour dehulled soybeans, yeast, vegetable fats, refined oils, dextrose, emulsifier, minerals, vitamins and other additives). EKOLAK T haves high solubility in water and do not sedimentate, so calf drinks whole amount. It haves pleasant taste and flavor. Calves with EKOLAK T in nutrition have well advance, correct development, shiny grain, they are vivid, livelily, and with easier transition to the solid food. All mentioned proofs well balanced feed.



  • Pleasant taste and aroma
  • Good solubility
  • Economy
  • Saving of cow milk


  • Good weight gain
  • Healthy and vital calves

Chemical Composition:

  • Proteins min 23%
  • Moisture max 6%
  • Fat min 15%
  • Cellulose max 1%
  • Ash max 8%


  • 10kg and 25kg

Storing Conditions:

  • It is to be kept in a dry, cold and dark place

The Term of Usage:

  • 90 days