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Zinc sulphate and Zinc oxide

Zinc sulphate is white dispersed powder containing at least 35% of Zinc.Beside Zinc sulphate, Zinc oxide is in the use, as well, which contains 72% of active substance, at least.

The Usage
Addition in live stock nutrition manufacturing as well as minerals-vitamins mixtures according to certain recipes through copper sulfate, because it cannot and must not be used in a clear form in animal nutrition. Zinc is in animal organisms rather evenly spread out. Higher Zinc concentration is present in bones, liver, kidneys, skin, hair and wool of animals, and especially in some tissues, such as male genitals. Zinc represents cofactor in several different enzyme systems. Due to this fact diffusion of zinc throughout organism is in a direct connection with distribution of enzymes, which contain zinc. High zinc concentration in pancreas is connected with presence of enzymes for digestion, which contain zinc and zinc links to insulin.

The largest number of meals provides sufficient zinc quantities for needs of domestic animals. Signs of lack of zinc are: subnormal growth, lessening of consumption and bad conversion of nutrition, worsening of reproductive performances and deformations on skin and skin excrescence (hair, wool, feathers)-paraceratoza. With young chicken symptoms of lack of zinc include skin scurf, bad growth of scurf and curling of feathers. Decrease in eggs production, eggs laying decreased and development of chicken embryo worsened, appear while zinc is in deficit.

Storing Conditions
Clean and dry storages.

The Term of Usage
3 years.

Country of origine:
Zinc sulphate - China,
Zinc oxide - Poland