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Ferrum sulphate

This is a product, which appears in form of powder or granules of pale brown color containing at least 30% of ferrum.
The Usage
Ferrum sulphate is used as an addition in live stock nutrition manufacturing, in order to prevent lack of Ferrum with animals. Ferrum has a very important role in organism of animals. The organism of various species of animals contains 60-70 mg of ferrum per kilo of live mass, out of which 60-70% belongs to hemoglobin, is which used as a carrier of oxygen in blood, while mioglobin is a depot of oxygen in muscles to which belongs 3%, 26% of ferrum is in depots and less than 1% of ferrum is in form of compounds for transportation. Erythrocytes and hemoglobin continuously are broken down and renewed.

Ferrum resulting from normal break down of erythrocytes is used for synthesis of hemoglobin can be used 9 to 10 times for resynthesis of hemoglobin. Anemia represents the main symptom of lack of ferrum, which appears when emptying of ferrum depots in organism, i.e. lessening of number of erythrocytes and content of hemoglobin in blood. Anemia can be caused by nutrition and pathological reasons or inheritance factors. Concentration of hemoglobin in blood, which is 25% bellow normal level, leads to appearance of anemia. Reduced resistance to infections is a consequence of ferrum deficit. In the course of anemia appears exhaustion of reserves of ferrum from bones marrow, pancreas and liver. Beside anemia, deficit of ferrum is manifested by bad growth of animal, appearance of lethargy and by increased size of heart.

Storing Conditions
It is to be stored in dry, cold and well-aired premises.

25 kg bags

The Term of Usage
3 years.

Country of origine