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Copper Sulphate

Copper Sulphate is a product, which appears in a form of crystal granules and powder of blue color, containing at least 25% of copper. It is very essential for growth and prevention of numerous clinical and pathological disorders with all species of domestic animals.

The Usage
An addition in manufacturing of live stock nutrition and minerals-vitamins mixtures according to certain recipes. Copper is added through Copper Sulphate, because in clear form it cannot and must not be used in animal nutrition. Symptoms of lack of copper are significantly different depending on species of animal. Anemia of animals represents a general symptom, then lower growth increments, abnormal bones growth (monstrosity). With lams and calves appear enzootic ataxia which is represented by uncoordinated movements of rear legs, movement stiffened with drifting away the rear part of the body, all of which are very characteristic lacks of copper symptoms, which appears in the first several weeks after birth. Some animals get fully paralyzed and cannot move. Copper levels in blood are usually low of a mother of a sick young animal. Degenerative alterations are present in brain, as well, and in spinal marrow. Poisonings by copper are very rare, while on high concentrations pigs are the most resistant, cattle somewhat less, and sheep are very sensitive.

Storing Conditions: Clean and dry storages.

The Term of Usage: 3 years.

Country of origine: Russia