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Product Description: Calpan 99% is a product, which appears in the form of white powder, with pH value from 0.6-9.0. Calcium content in Calpan gores from 8, 2-8,6%.

The Usage: Calpan has been used in manufacturing pre mixes and components for live stock nutrition, and manufacturing of liquid nutrition for nutrition of animals and manufacturing of replacements for milk skimmed in powder. Vitamin B5 is isolated out of yeast, and as a preparation has been appearing in the form of calcium pantonenat (calpan) . Presence of vitamin B5 is indispensable in oxidative processes in cells, but it takes part in synthesis of cholesterol and fats. Lack of it causes weak development of feathers, changes on the skin, changes on eye leads, decrease in quality of eggs for hatching, and so on.

Sources of this vitamin are wheat bran. Yeast, powder of alfalfa. In the case of insufficient quantity of vitamin B5 in nutrition of livestock, Calpan 99% has been used as an addition to mixtures

Storing Conditions: Calpan is stable on air and light, if protected from moisture and heat. It is necessary to be stored at temperature bellow 25 C. Packs opened are to be consumed within very short term.
Packaging: 25 kg
The Term of the Usage: 3 year
DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd.
SINTOFARM a.p.a., Italy

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