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Product Description. Niacin is product, which appears in form of granules, white to light yellow color. Niacin, or vitamin PP, contains at least 99, 5% of active substance.

The Usage
It is used as an addition in manufacturing of premixes and mixtures for nutrition of livestock. It is an amide of nicotine acid, which is a preventive factor of pellagra. It prevents gastro intestinal and neural disarrangements and eruptions on skin.

Storing Conditions
It is stable on increased temperature and in the air, but it can react when it is exposed to light and moisture. The temperature in the Storage should be bellow 25C. In course of handling the product it is to be avoided inhalation of powder and a direct contact, because it can cause skin irritation.

Packaging 25 kg bags

The Usage Time Limit 3 years

Roche Vitamins Europe, Basel, Switzerland.