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Description of Product: Vitamin B 2 is a powder of orange-yellow color and it contains at least 80% of riboflavin
The Usage
In manufacturing of pre mixes and mixtures for nutrition of livestock. Vitamin B 2 (riboflavin) is broken down under influence of light, especially sunlight. Lack of this vitamin causes slow growth increments and bad usage of nutrition, and bigger deficits cause stiffness of limbs, thickening of skin, cloudiness of eye lentil, at cetra. With poultry appears paralyze of limbs and diarrhea, while with hens it appears decrease of production of eggs and their quality for hatching. Sources of vitamin B 2 are full and skimmed milk, whey green nutrition (alfalfa), juicy yeast, and so on. Vitamin B 2 80 SD has been used as an additive in nutrition of livestock in order to prevent negative effects of lack of this vitamin.

Storing Conditions
It is rather stable in contact with the air, if protected from light. Temperature in the storage has to be bellow 25 C. Pack opened is to be used up within very short period of time. Product is safe for usage. People coming into contact with the product have to avoid inhalation of flour and apply protective measures and personal hygiene.

The Term of Usage 3 years.

Packaging 25 kg bags

Manufacturer DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd. Switzerland BASF Ltd.