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Vitamin D3 is a product, which appears in the form of loose powder of brown color. It contains min 500, 000 I. U./ g of vitamin D3.
The Usage:
In manufacturing of pre mixes and mixtures for nutrition of livestock, replacement for milk skimmed in powder and liquid nutrition for nutrition of livestock. Vitamin D is found in fats. It appears in two forms pro vitamin: D2-ergosterol and D3- holcalciferol.

Pro-vitamin D3 is synthesized from cholesterol. Before its composition became known it was called anti rachitic factor because it was treated as an unknown component of fish oil, which can be used as a regulator in the course of disarrangement of metabolism of calcium and phosphor. Calcification of bones needed can take place only in presence of necessary quantities of calcium, phosphor and vitamin D. Presence of this vitamin increases efficiency of the use of calcium and phosphor. However, if there is deficiency in nutrition of one of the elements, rachitis appears.

Influence of vitamin D in metabolism of calcium and phosphor becomes apparent in helping their resorption from tiny bowels and their depositing in bones, in normal maintenance of their level in bones and blood as well as from extraction of the same through kidneys. Basic functions of vitamin D are: anti rachitic and hyper calcium ones. Vitamin D is deposited in liver, and it was found in lungs and kidneys. It is more stable than vitamin A, especially in contact with oxygen. It breaks down quickly in contact with mixtures containing calcium carbonate.

The most active source of this vitamin is fish oil especially if it was previously exposed to ultra-violet beaming. Yeast is rich with ergosterol and if beamed it represents a source rich with vitamin D. In conditions where animals are unable to satisfy their needs by synthesis, preparations of this vitamin have to be used.

Storing Conditions

The product is photo active and sensitive to moisture, heat and air. It ought to be stored at temperature bellow 15C. Packs opened should be used up within very short period of time. Persons, which come into contact with the product, should avoid inhalation of powder and undertake necessary measures and personal hygiene.

Usage 2 years.

Packaging 20 kg bags

Manufacturer DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd.