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Textured soy protein TEXPRO - M (Minced)

Our textured soy products are manufactured in up to date procedure of extruding our made of soybean with higher protein content, in the form of minced, chunks and slices. They are a source of proteins i.e. essential amino acids as well as minerals and vitamins which are significant for the entire metabolism. Anti-nutritive factors are deactivated using proper heat treatment thus increasing protein utilization. Textured soy protein products have a high nutritional and biological value.

Textured soy protein minced are made from defatted soy flour that is compressed and processed into chunks. During this process, the structure of the soy proteins changes in fibres. Most soy protein minced are produced from defatted soy flour, soy flakes or soy concentrates with an extrusion process. This extrusion technology can form a fibrous matrix which is almost similar than that of meat. They are made in our manufacturing company.

The principal use of texturized soy protein products is as a meat extender in meat product such as patties, fillings and meat balls etc. Up to 30% of the meat can be replaced by hydrated texturized soy products without loss of eating quality.

Similar products:

We also have textured soy protein in form of slices, you can see it on the following link Textured soy protein TEXPRO – S (Slices).

Chemical characteristics: Composition Typical values % Guaranteed values %
Protein (N * 625) % 53,0 min. 51
Water % 7,0 max. 8,0
Fat % 1,0 max 1,5
Fiber % 3,5 max 3,5
Ash % 6,5 max 6,5
PDI(Protein dispersibility Index)
* Moisture free basis
% 39,5

textured soy protein minced

Product title Granulation Color Typical hydration %
Texpro - N Minced
1,0 - 4,0 mm
min 85%
natural 350
Texpro - R Minced 1,0 - 4,0 mm
min 85%
red (meat color) 350
Texpro - N Minced 0,075 - 1,0 mm
min 85%
natural 300
Texpro - R minced 0,075 - 1,0 mm
min 85%
red (meat color) 300
Texpro - H chunks 5,0 - 20 mm
min 85%
natural 220
Texpro - N slices 40 - 80 mm
min 85%
natural 200



It is applied in:

  • Meat industry
  • Baking Industry
  • Catering Industry




  • Provides meat-like, particulate texture
  • Pleasant, neutral flavor
  • Reduces shrinkage and improves shape retention in ground meat applications
  • Nutritional and economic function