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Sweet whey flour is manufactured in process of production of cheese, after separation of casein.Whey is treated with pasterisation, steaming, crystallization and spray-drying process. Whey flour contains proteins with high value amino acids from milk and milk sugar - lactose, vitamins from the milk and minerals from milk.

Chemical composition

Whey contains max. 6% of water, min. 12% of proteins, max. 9.5% of ash, 0.6% of fats, min. 70% of lactose, 0.9 of Calcium and 0.76% of Phosphorus.

Organoleptic properties

Flour is bright yellow, without curd and impurities. Product have characteristic smell and sweet-briny taste.


Whey flour is used as high-value proteins component in final mixes for progeny of all animals, with particular value in percent of milk sugar – lactose.

Storage conditions

Must be stored in dry, dark and ventilated place.

Shelf- life

12 months


PE bag inside of paper bag - 30 kg.


DUKAT D.D. , Zagreb, Croatia