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low fat toasted soybean flour lightBIOPRO 20-L

Low fat  toasted  soybean flour light (Biopro 20-L) is manufactured of healthy, hulled soybean, by a special hydrothermal treatment within which oil is extracted out and anti-nutritious soybean factors are deactivated.
Hydrothermal treatment of soybean without the use of chemical reagents provides products, which contain high-quality proteins and essential amino acids, soybean oil, lecithin, protective nutritious ingredients, minerals and vitamins soluble in fats.
Biopro 20-L is characterized, besides extreme nutritious value and good functional characteristics: excellent dispersion and absorbs fats, improves the structure and possesses extremely antioxidative activity. Low fat  toasted  soybean flour light is made in our manufacturing company.


Used for Protein Fortification in Food & Pharmaceutical Preparations, Weaning Foods, Bakery Preparations like Cookies, Crackers & Pasta Products, Soups, Sauces, Gravies, Calf Milk Replacement, Drink Mixes, Meat Sausages and Fermentation Media & Nutrient Carrier for Flavours and Vitamins. Also used as a major Ingredient in the Aqua & Poultry Feeds.

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Chem. composition Humidity Protein Fat Ash Fiber
BIOPRO 20-L 4% 52% 6% 6% 2%

The usage: Biopro is used in confectionery, meat and bakery industry



  • High digestibility
  • High level of proteins of exceptionally high quality
  • High level of amino acids
  • Lowered level of fats
  • Good emulsifier and stabilizer
  • Good anti oxidative activity



  • Makes better nutritious value
  • Characteristics of a product, improves sustainability of a final product.