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Ronozyme ProAct

Ronozyme ProAct is a unique and totally pureprotease which reduces the cost of food increasingabsorption of crude proteins and all amino acids from feed for average 4to max. 8%.

Ronozyme ProAct perfectly meets the latestnutritional requirements of modern broiler hybrids production due to its characteristics:

  •      completes the hydrolysis (breakdown) proteins, which is done by the digestive proteases
  •      acts effectively on a wide range of protein feed
  •      is compatible with other enzymes that are used as additives in animal nutrition
  •      characterized by remarkable stability in the digestive tract
  •      is very stable and thermostable - very well tolerates all the processes of temperature to 95°C

Ronozyme ProAct works by supplementing the activity of digestive enzymes such as pepsin and trypsin (and other proteolytic enzymes) leading to increased absorption of peptides and free aminoacids.

Ronozyme ProAct:

  •      is available in the form of CT ( Coated Thermo stable), which gives it exceptional stability andthermostability
  •      product is granulated, light brown in color and non-dusty
  •      has protease activity of min. 75,000 prot / g
  •      characterized by remarkable stability in the gastrointestinal tract

200 grams / tonne of finished feed

Expiration date
2 years

DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd.