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Novipel Li

Novipel Li,pelleting agent,  contains at least 85% calcium - lignosulfonata. It is produced by treating wood mass with sulphite. This manufacturing process ensures a clean product with no impurities.

Usage: It is used as an additive to the pelletization profess. It improves the quality of pellets (resistance, endurance, etc..), provides increased clamping force between the mold and press in the production process, and improved extrusion. It reduces the percentage of impurities and provides improvement of hygiene standards.

Storage Conditions: Must be stored in cool and dry place.

Packing: 25kg

Shelf life: 2 years

The quality and health safety:  According to the Regulations on the quality of feed (Official. Gazette of RS, No.4/2010 article No.99 and 102). Along with the product provided are Certificate of Analysis and Product Specification issued bz manufacturer.

Manufacturer: NUTRI AD Inter N. V., Kasterlee, Belgium