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EKOLAK J is composed of domestic feed stuffs with well-known origin and tested quality (products based on milk, full-fatted milk thermically treated powder of dehulled soybean, yeast, fats, refined oil, dextrose, emulsifier, minerals, vitamins and other additions).

Natural milk replacer EKOLAK J - is concentrate substratum rich with proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals which completely replaces milk in nutrition of lambs and kid. It has very pleasant aroma, optimal balance to provide excellent results, good growth rate, regular development of digestive organs and microflorae of the pre-stomach and stomach. The equivalent aroma imitates milk, and presence of organic acids maintains acidity (ph) of digestive organs. For the production of EKOLAK J is used modern equipment and chemical engineering and production process which makes it domestic and unique product in our market and it satisfies a need for all nutritive, hygienic and health characteristics of the cattle nourishment.


  • Pleasant taste and aroma
  • Good solubility
  • Correct flora development
  • Maintenance acidity- PH of digestive organs


  • Good weight gain
  • Healthy and vital calves
  • Saving of sheep and goat milk
  • Economicaly profitable

Chemical Composition:

  • Moisture max 6%
  • Protein min 23%
  • Fat min 23%
  • Ash max 8%
  • Cellulose max 0,5%


  • 10kg i 25kg

Storing Conditions:

  • It is to be stored in dry, cold and dark space

The Term of Usage:

  • 90 days