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This is a specially enriched vitamin-mineral premix used for preparing complete feed for milking cows.

Mixture suggestion Milky cows 18%, over 20L of milk per day
Corn [kg] 46 37
Wheat [kg] - 10
Soybean cake 38%-Bioprotein [kg] 17 15
Sunfl ower meal 33% [kg] 17 18
Wheat bran [kg] 15 15
BIOVIT VSO-KM 5% [kg] 5 5
TOTAL 100 100


Product features:

  • Contains optimum ratio of: vitamins, micro and macro elements
  • Contains highly-exploitative (chelate) organic minerals
  • Contains the absorbent of myco toxins
  • Contains probiotic
  • Contains flavor


  • Increases milk levels and the quality of milk- lower number of somatic cells in milk
  • Lowers and neutralizes levels of myco toxins and prevents the growth and reproduction of mould
  • Adjusts the acidity in the tripe
  • Improves fertility and regular estrus
  • Lowers the danger of joints and hoofs disease
  • Excellent health condition of animals
  • Bigger profit