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We are, with pleasure introducing safe and reliable source of Selen (Se), Cobalt (Co), Iodine (I) to you which shall manufacturing of premix make easier safer and more efficient.

  • MICROGRAN Se (Na Selenite) 1%
  • MICROGRAN Co (Cobalt carbonate) 5%
  • MICROGRAN I (Calcium Iodide) 10%.

MICROGRAN products are specially formulated with a goal to resolve problems which were occurring within manufacturing of premixes and as such they possess the following significant advantages compared to other similar products: there is no dust making while handling them, they are not electro static and they make possible more qualitative manufacturing.

Safe products

The content of unwished substances, such as heavy metals and diocsin is bellow level prescribed by European law regulation.

High level of in mixing

MICROGRAN products mix extremely well and homogenize in premixes, which is very important with microelements such as Selen, Iodine and Cobalt, which are added into premix in small quantities.

Extreme safety of employees.

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