Bankom d.o.o
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Always guided by the imperative of quality and stable, sustainable growth, Bankom company is recognizing and supporting the GMO FREE initiative as one of the most significant comparative advantages in a more and more dynamic and increasingly demanding domestic and foreign market.

Supported by domestic legislation, with ease and success, it implements and applies the requirements of global GMOs Free recognizable standards such as IP Program Non GMO (Identity Preservation Program Non GMO – Non-GMO Origination Program) and purchasing soybeans exclusively from domestic producers ensuring complete control and traceability from the field to the table, through all stages of the production process.

Doing this, it contributes at the same time to the development of domestic agricultural production and export of products with significant added value.

As a company that has already proved quality of its products, and with strong determination for continuous improvement of the quality system, BANKOM group today is a company present in more than 40 countries and taking its place among the most important soybean processors in Europe.