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Full fat modestly toasted soya bean breakage biopro 50 this kind of product is made of genetically unmodified soybean, that is being crumbled, and then dehulled. It is manufactured by a particular process in which soybean is hydrothermally treated and toasted on the desired temperature. Through this process, all anti-nutritive factors are eliminated, which increasing protein value. The described process is natural, healthy safe, and don't include any chemical means.

Biopro 50 is significant because of its functional properties: emulsifying, stabilizing, binding and water retention, preventing rancidity of fat - a  due to it's naturally high tocopherol composition. Usage of Biopro 50 increases the nutritional value, improves organoleptic properties, as well as the sustainability of the final product.

Adding of Biopro 50 increases fuel economy, due to higher usage of water in forming knead, improves nutritional value, quality, color and taste. Usage of  Biopro 50 reduces consumption of eggs and fat and improves the distribution of fat and sugar.

Chemical analysis

Humidity Protein Fat Ash Fiber
4-5% 40% 22% 5,2% 2,5%

The usage :  Biopro 50 is used in confectionary and bakery industry