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Low fat moderately toasted soft soybean flour (Biopro 20-L) is manufactured of healthy, hulled soybean, by a special hydrothermal treatment within which oil is extracted out and anti-nutritious soybean factors are deactivated.
Hydrothermal treatment of soybean without the use of chemical reagents provides products, which contain high-quality proteins and essential amino acids, soybean oil, lecithin, protective nutritious ingredients, minerals and vitamins soluble in fats.
Biopro 20-L is characterized, besides extreme nutritious value and good functional characteristics: excellent dispersion and absorbs fats, improves the structure and possesses extremely antioxidative activity.

Chem. composition Humidity Protein Fat Ash Fiber
BIOPRO 20-L 4% 52% 6% 6% 2%

The usage: Biopro is used in confectionery, meat and bakery industry



  • High digestibility
  • High level of proteins of exceptionally high quality
  • High level of amino acids
  • Lowered level of fats
  • Good emulsifier and stabilizer
  • Good anti oxidative activity



  • Makes better nutritious value
  • Characteristics of a product, improves sustainability of a final product.