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Biopro 60- Soybean cake


Soybean cake BIOPRO 60 represents unique source of proteins (as minimum 41%), essential amino acids, soybean oil, lecithin, minerals and vitamins soluble in fats. I t is manufactured out of healthy, pilled soybeans (which is guaranteed non-genetically modified) by a particular hydrothermal treatment, within which the oil is extracted out partially.

By mean of complex technological process, above all by thermical treatment and pressing without use of the chemical solvents, result is decomposition of polysaccharides to the simple sugar molecules, which makes soybean cake BIOPRO 60 easier digestible and available to the animal digestive tract. Hydrothermal treatment of soy been provides product of high nutritious and biological value with inactivated anti-nutritious factors without a use of chemical reagents, by which proteins utilization level is improved.
Soybean cake BIOPRO 60 is used as protein and energy food in nutrition of young animals and animals in growth - in nutrition of young categories of pigs and poultry with much better effects than soya bean meal, due to lower level of cellulose and hull, and considerably higher energy value. Soybean cake contains along top quality proteins also and high amount of energy, above all from oil.

Chem.composition Protein Moisture Fat Fiber Ash
BIOPRO-60 min 41%    6-7%    8-10% max 9% max 8%

Usage:Soybean round unleavened flat cake is used in livestock food industry


  • High digestibility
  • High level of proteins
  • High level of essential amino acids
  • High level of fats


  • Better consumption
  • Better weight gain
  • Improved conversion

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