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Intellect has, in the course of traveling from the past to the future, always been to mankind a sign post which has been opening human’s eye and been moving its internal strengths to new successful steps and views.

If we want to be esteemed by those who belong to us and those who belong to the others, if we want to be big in the world of greats, we must lift our intellect to the winners throne. Bankom considers its personnel as the most valuable assets, personnel who like working, people who know to work, who know to increase and improve products and production, that by ideas and by their hands, make service to become better one, because quality of products of capable people wins trust.

At the time, at Bankom, there are 250 employees, among whom there are economists, engineers, lawyers, technologists, PhD of Veterinarian medicine. By the means of various seminars and trainings, within and outside of the Enterprise, those employed are given an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills. Activities, linked to education and development of personnel has been ongoing process.

Along with education and professional personnel Bankom strides safely along the road of business excellency.

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