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Defatted moderately toasted soybean flour - BIOPRO 10 L

Defatted moderately Soybean Flour is a product obtained through the modern processing of selected soybean with a high protein content. It is an excellent source of proteins or essential amino acids and protective substances - minerals
and vitamins that are significant for the overall metabolism.
Defatted moderately  Soybean Flour has high nutritional and biological values and its functional properties (emulgaton and stabilization, a high affinity for water absorption and binding, dispersion, fat emulsification, easily forms protein
network, improving the structure and antioxidant action) are useful in the final production process.


Chemical characteristics: Composition Typical values % Guaranteed values %
Protein (N * 625) % 51,0 min. 50
Water % 7 max. 8,0
Fat % 1,5 max 2,0
Fiber % 2,0 3,5
Ash % 6 max 2,0
PDI(Protein dispersibility Index)
* Moisture free basis
% 70-80 65-80


It is applied in:

  • Baking Industry
  • Pasta Industry